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Paws4Minds are a mental health and wellbeing organisation located in Hull, covering East Yorkshire & Northern Lincolnshire.

We believe that mental health is crucial for every individual, organisation, and society.


We offer services to various sectors, including health, education, businesses, and non profit organisations,


Also we provide 1-2-1 support for individuals.


Why not allow us to help improve your organisations overall mental health and well-being, with the assistance of Noodle and his charm.

  • School Visits: Noodle interacts well with children. We can come in and help support children who may have neurodiverse conditions and need more specific support that the mainstream classroom can't provide . He can support children who may be suffering emotionally too,in a number of ways. He can work one-2-one or in small group settings. Sessions can be fun, playful but most importantly we can work with schools, to include Noodles in supporting curricular activities.

       We can even teach children about canine body language to reduce the risk of dog bites too

  • Workplace Visits: Noodle can visit your workforce to improve morale, provide stress relief, and focus on mental health in the workplace. They can also help spot signs of mental ill-health and debunk myths about mental health.

  • Hospital Visits: Noodle brings smiles to patients in hospitals, helping reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Care Home Visits: Noodle's calm and gentle presence benefits residents in care homes. They can be stroked, groomed, and engaged with through play.

  • 1-2-1 Pet Therapy: Noodle combats loneliness, aids recovery from ill health, and improves mental well-being during individual visits.

  • Community Visits: Paws4Minds is happy to visit community groups and events.


       Remember that dogs are scientifically proven to help improve mental health!

Paws4Minds design mental health & wellbeing courses for people of all ages.  We can create courses specifically for an workforce.

Paws4Minds also provides online courses for individuals to join & work alongside other people.

We are non judgmental & we provide a safe space to learn, discuss & ask questions.

Our aim is to reduce stigma & create a more empathetic attitude towards mental health & wellbeing.



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