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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Paws4Minds provide services to help businesses and organisations with their understanding of mental health and wellbeing.


When it comes to health, people think of physical health and mental health is often ignored.


Studies show that one in four people will suffer from mental ill health at some point during their lives.


Our mission is to help staff, management & end users with understanding and creating empathy towards mental health, discuss warning signs and provide information on what what can be done to reduce the risks and also help those who maybe suffering. 


Mental ill health costs companies and organisations, millions of pounds in terms of revenue, loss of hours, work, increased pressures & resulting stress due to the number of  sick days taken, because of mental ill health.

Paws4Minds  provide services, courses & support to help understand, remove stigma, show and explain mental health.

Paws4Minds run sessions about wellbeing, mindfulness. We can help across many different industries, sectors and organisation structures. 


Paws4Minds can help with company policies, sign-posting for further support and also run our own mental health awareness courses.


Paws4Minds will help employees, management and the organisation to be better equipped to deal with and approach mental health related issues.

Paws4Minds can visit your organisation or we can work online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, making it as easy as we can.

Students In Uniform
Paws4Minds can help students &staff with how to deal with pressure, understand  stress, develop knowledge about mental health and discover the importance of wellbeing within educational settings
Rush Hour
Business: We can show you how mental health can affect productivity, profitability and reliability.
We can help you with UK Mental Health Laws, improve your mental health policies and infrastructure to support staff with our guidance & support sessions

Worker with Yellow Helmet
Paws4Minds will help
develop and encourage understanding of mental health & wellbeing within your organisation/industry

Digital Work Life
Public Services: 
We can help staff to learn and understand mental health, wellbeing and the affects it can have on service users as well as staff dealing with the public.


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