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Paws4Minds - Pet Assisted Therapy

Hi and welcome, so here we are, myself and Noodle have began our new venture together, with Paws4Minds.

Noodle is going to be providing the role of a Pet Assisted Therapy dog.

Noodle is an English pointer, he was originally used for hunting and breeding on a Spanish Island but he was clearly no good for hunting. He is far too affectionate and loves to be fussed, loves playing and is just funny at times.

We have had a large group teenagers walk past one evening and they were like "oh mate your is so cute" and started making a fuss of him.

Noodle has been great with my dad, who suffered a catastrophic set of ishemic strokes. I took Noodle into hospital and his care home, whilst he recovered and he loves making a fuss of him, back in his own home.

Noodle will sit and lay for hours with my mum, she cares for my dad and Noodle clearly helps her to relax and unwind.

He is fantastic with my 8 year old daughter. If she says, he does, he is so loving.

Noodles favourite past time is playing ball, he runs with one in his mouth, I throw others and he runs an points or nudges them, he plays for hours doing this. Very amusing and cute, when he is dancing around and almost galloping.

There is far much arewarness now days about mental well-being and mental health.

Why use a therapy dog, you may ask? A great and valid question. There are so many studies available to read on Google, that have shown, interaction with dogs, release happy calming chemicals from the brain.

Chemicals help reduce blood pressure and improve mood of the individual.

Unlike people, dogs don't judge, they provide unconditional love, they will be happy for you to stroke them, throw a ball and won't judge how you feel.

Paws4Minds are a full-time company, we are available and don't have other work commitments. Our service is also tax deductable, which has to be another bonus.

'Why do you charge'..... we are a full time, professional company and will be providing a range of services in time. We will be available as and when needed, not around other work commitments. We will tailor our sessions around the people they are for.

"But I can take my dog into work" certainly can but is your dog insured for public liability, have you experience working with many dogs in public, in a professional role? My last business was a pet services, in which I provided dog walking for customers for 13 years.

I studied Level 3 City & Guilds Kennel & Cattery management. The course covered 'canine communication '... for example how they communicate through body language, the signals they give off when happy,scared or unhappy. It covered UK dog laws, dog health and first aid for dogs.

I have my level 2 in Mental Health First Aid, so I am aware of mental ill-health.

I am also participating on CPcab Level 5 diploma 'Mental Health & Well-being' which covers advocacy unit, so we can go into organisations and help with Mental health policies.

This is an exciting chapter for me and Noodle and we look forward to supporting so many people.

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